Here's what I can do for you!

• If viruses, malware, and spyware are making your PC run slowly, I can clear those right up.

• If you need software installed, reinstalled, uninstalled, or upgraded, I'm happy to assist.

• If you've purchased a new PC and need help getting it set up and configured, I can take care of that for you too.

• I'll help you set up your new printer, or help you figure out problems with your current one.

• I can reinstall or reconfigure your Windows Operating System so your computer runs as smoothly as possible.

• If you're looking to build a PC yourself, I can work with you to choose the best parts at the best prices, and then I'll even build it for you too!

• If you've purchased a new iPhone or iPad, I'll organize it for you so you get the best from your device.

• I'll go over your new device with you to make sure it's working the way you want for your lifestyle.

• I'll get you started by configuring your settings and installing the apps you need most.

• If your device is running slower than usual, I can get to the root of the problem and help get you going again.

• If you need a new WI-FI system put in place for your home, I'll help you find the best equipment at the price point you're looking for.
• I'll set up and configure your new WI-FI for you.
• If you're having trouble with your current WI-FI, I'll get to the heart of the problem and get your connection going again.

Need help with anything you see above?  Please don't hesitate to give me a call!  You can also text or email me.
Please see the Main page for contact information.  For pricing, please read the Pricing page.

I look forward to working with you!

If I'm unable to resolve your problem, you get your money back!***

*I currently only support Windows-based computers.
**I currently only support Apple mobile and tablet devices.

***Refunds may take up to 7 days to initiate. Proof of the instigating problem being unresolved must be provided.
    Separate service agreements are treated as distinct, including repeat offenses of the same problem (i.e. viruses, malware, spyware).



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